Who we are

Our aim has always been to support Venetian craftsmanship. We believe that the gradual disappearance of small workshops from Venice and their replacement with chain stores and sales outlets is a huge loss for a city once famed for its artisan traditions.

On a wider level, the global market is saturated with products that all look the same, and this homogeneity of mass-produced objects is the antithesis of our made in Italy philosophy.

We love it when an object tells a story, expresses personal taste and – above all – speaks to where it  was made, its uniqueness being the result of the creativity, imagination and dexterity of the artisan who created it.

For these reasons, we favour small production runs of items made by local artisans who blend, often with staggering results, traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design.

What we do

Aesthetic quality and the use of sustainable materials are important factors in the selection of items for inclusion in our catalogue.

We also place importance on how an object is made. One example of this is how the 100% food-safe finish of our pottery is achieved. Ceramics that are not in natural clay colours – such as white, red, or black – are glazed using engobes (clay-based coatings) or finished using enamels obtained from the materials that make up the sand itself.

Our products range from homeware to personal accessories, each of them conveying the idea of sustainable beauty, the cornerstone of our approach.